Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Have you ever wished there was a blueprint for success for your online marketing?

Have you ever outsourced your web design, your Pay Per Click campaigns, your SEO, your video marketing, your email marketing, only to be constantly disappointed by the results?

Have you ever felt ripped off? That internet marketing does not work? That your competitors know something you don’t? That you’re simply missing something?

Hello, I’m Mark Attwood.

Mark Attwood

I’ve been working online since 1996.

One online business I created in the UK went on to generate over £40 million (and counting) and has employed over 300 people.

I’ve been teaching what really works online to other business owners and entrepreneurs since 2008.

I’ve lectured at the British Library, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, the Barbican Theatre, the Institute of Directors and the Federation of Small Business.

I created the Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success – an 8 hour video training course that has seen many of it’s students achieve over 1000% business growth in less than 12 months of applying the knowledge I teach.


Watch the YouTube SEO Magic Trick

I was a pioneer of video marketing, email auto-responder marketing, business blogging and SEO in the UK, and I’ve spent over £2 million of my own money inside Google Adwords (I’ll prove this to you if you come to the event)


I’ve met hundreds of business owners that have wasted tens of thousands of pounds on outsourcing their marketing.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Getting a pretty website that doesn’t work (ie. doesn’t make any money)
  • Outsourcing Google Adwords campaigns where you can’t access the data because your agency will only send you reports, leaving you in the dark and unable to use the most powerful data in your business? On top of that, not even telling you exactly where your money is being spent. If you let Yell handle your PPC, you will know exactly what I mean.
  • Paying hundreds and thousands to generate Likes on Facebook that don’t earn you a penny? (Tip: Facebook Likes = Renting a business, Email list = owning a business)
  • Paying thousands to a PR agency to get you fleeting press that has no financial accountability?
  • Making videos that don’t get any views or traffic?
  • Spending thousands on SEO but not seeing any results?
  • Not tracking properly where any of your internet leads or sales are coming from, therefore having no idea what your cost of customer acquisition is?

The list goes on and on.

As an entrepreneur, I love putting online campaigns together that work for my own business.


I launched a new website selling CBD oil this year that made $1400 before we even started promoting it (


I created an online course last year that’s generated over £300k in revenues on autopilot (


I run a global digital marketing agency remotely from my laptop in Marrakech where I get to spend every day with my 5 kids by our pool in the sunshine.

Recently I ran a Facebook campaign that got £80k in revenue from a £2k spend in just 6 weeks.

I’ve taken one of my clients from £36k revenue to £½ million in less than 12 months – that’s over 1000% growth and truly life changing stuff.



I have worked with Mark, and continue to work with him, on a range of marketing projects, and was delighted to speak at one of his events. As far as I’m concerned, his search engine marketing expertise is unequalled. If anyone wants a website to top the search engine results, Mark is the person I recommend without hesitation. He is also one of the most decent generous people I’ve ever known, in or out of the business world.”

Ben Hunt, Owner at Ben Hunt Limited, Author of 'Convert!' and 'Save the Pixel'

Mark knows what works and what doesn’t. He proves it with his own businesses and has the ability and desire to teach this to others. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for internet marketing advice."

William Haseldine, Experienced Lead Generation Marketer

Mark is the go-to guy for all things internet marketing. He’s also one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen, making everything really easy to understand. Highly recommended."

Shaa Wasmund, Best selling business author and founder of

Following Mark’s advice helped me increase my turnover by 1000%+ in just six months”

Ellie Kirby, Exhibition Plinths

SEO champion of the world. Undefeated in all competitions."

Mark Gill, Oscar nominated film director

I get to work with people I like, doing work that I love whilst living the life of my dreams.

I know that all sounds a bit Billy-Big-Bollocks.

But if you’ve never met me I need to tell you some stuff which will help you quickly understand why I’m qualified to teach you and that what I teach is all about reaching your own personal objectives, whatever they may be.

Personally, I just want to hang out with my kids, grow organic food in my garden, travel the world having adventures and share what I learn about personal freedom with my online friends.

I’ve never been motivated by having money itself, just the freedom it gives me to do the things

I like and avoid the things I don’t like.

One thing I hated is doing unfulfilling work.

I hated being in debt.

I hated answering to investors in my business.

And I hated the government, or anyone else, telling me what to do.

So, how do you get the life you really want?

Well, there’s lots of ways – investing in the stock market, saving your money in a bank, working hard in your business.

Well, the first two of those are a mugs game.

The returns from stocks and banks are frankly never going to get you anywhere.

And working hard in your business?

Well, working hard for the sake of it never really appealed to me – whereas working Smart really does.

The richest and most successful people in the world had exactly the same amount of time as me and you, they just use that time more effectively.

There are many ways you can learn how to do this.

One way that worked for me is voracious reading, from “Think and Grow Rich”, to “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, to “Blink”, to “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, “Purple Cow” – all of these books and more helped me improve my life enormously.


But at the heart of everything I have done to
achieve what I wanted to achieve is
(drum roll…)


Everything successful I have ever done online can be boiled down to this simple diagram
(which is on my magic whiteboard in my office in Marrakech as a permanent reminder)…


This shows a lump of metal going into a factory and coming out the other end as a car.

Each dot represents a process in the manufacturing of the product.

What’s that got to do with internet marketing?

The arrow shows the exponential improvement in productivity if each process is improved by just 1%.

This is the simplest way of explaining what’s known as the Taguchi Method, a statistical system developed by Professor Genichi Taguchi in Japan.

Taguchi’s methods revolutionised the car manufacturing industry, and the concepts behind it is the powerhouse behind any of my successful internet marketing systems.

If you can imagine that each dot is a process in your marketing system that you need to be consistently improving, from…

  • Your on-page SEO
  • Your Google Adwords Click through Rate (CTR)
  • Your lead conversion rate
  • Your engagement rate
  • Your bounce rate
  • Your email opening rate
  • Your video view time
  • Your organic traffic
  • Your quality backlinks to your website
  • Your sales conversion rate

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of small processes within your business and your marketing systems and funnels.

Imagine what would happen to your profits and quality of life if you could consistently improve each of these processes by just 1%?

Imagine how amazing it would be for your business if someone had already worked out what the key processes are and what’s the best way to optimise them... this would save you years of testing.

Well, that’s what I’m doing in London in February. I’m going to distil down the Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy for Smart Business Owners into one single seminar.

I’m going to show you the tactics that will give you the biggest bang for buck in your business, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do them.

I’m going to show you the same strategies that I used to generate over £40m online and that has seen many of my clients and students increase their businesses by over 1000% in less than 12 months.

I don’t get over to the UK very often, and this is the first time I’ve spoken live in London for a couple of years, so I really do hope you can make it along.

To reserve your seat, just click the button below. It costs just £88 to attend.