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Here's one of my students, Mike Philbin, owner of a real world business that has generated more than £100,000 per year in additional sales after implementing my strategies:

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Dear JV Partner, I hope you enjoyed my video and want to thank you for considering joining me for my upcoming Technophobes Guide To Internet Marketing Success launch. If we are friends, you already know how deep my level of commitment is to you, your list and this course. I'm really excited for us to partner on this. If we are not yet friends, I'm can't wait to get to know you, and I thank you for looking into this promotion. My objective is to help you make some serious money while serving and adding massive value to your list and clients. Let's get right to it!

What Is The "Technophobes Guide To Internet Marketing Success"?

Traditionally, TECHNOPHOBES has been my 1-day foundation training for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It's where I lay out the basic principles behind the same marketing strategies I've used to generate nearly £40 million in plain English. Everytime I hold one of these seminars I am amazed at just how many business owners don’t even understand what terms like SEO mean. They think it’s all beyond them and I’ve heard countless takes of how people have been ripped off by PPC/SEO/web design agencies. This is why I created this online course, so my message could get out to more entrepreneurs and help save them from their own ignorance by pulling all the foundations into one, easy-to-digest product. My story is probably a lot like your story and the story of your customers. It's a story of wondering, "How do I pull all this together? How do I overcome overwhelm? How do I know I am getting value from my marketing suppliers?" Almost every business owner can gain tremendous value from my training, because it focuses on stuff they can do themselves to build their business right away. Remember, I've been working on the internet since 1996 when I built my first website. No Google, no YouTube, no Facebook, no Twitter. I started from nothing, but went on to create nearly £40 million and employed over 300 people just from my internet marketing activities. When I started, there was no-one around teaching what I needed to know so I made a lot of mistakes, burnt a lot of cash and had to develop my own ways of doing stuff. I'm proud of all that but what I love most is helping other people with my knowledge and experience. Now I'm sharing all my strategies, marketing secrets, resources and swipe files through "The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success". Here's what customers get: 1. Technophobes Guide 4-Disc DVD Home Study System Including transcripts and resources so they get a nice package in the post to add value to their investment. 2. Technophobes Guide Online Members Area. This is where they can access all 6 hours of studio training videos in a streaming format, and interact with me and my team through a forum. 3. Bonus 6 Hours of my seminar: The Art of Blogging for Business This seminar was ground-breaking at the time, features Ben Hunt (author of "Save the Pixel" and "Convert!"), and goes into some real depth of the art of blogging for more traffic, leads and sales. They get this automatically once they are through the 30 day money back guarantee period. 4. 2 Free Tickets to upcoming EIM Academy Live Events.

Launch Dates

We are launching this product on 1st September 2014. It's a rolling launch with evergreen content, so you can start promoting it anytime before that date (or after – whenever it fits in best with your schedule) Just so you know, we're planning to launch this product at £997, but this may change depending on your list and demand. Whatever the case, you'll still be locked in at 50% - straight down the middle, even though I'll be carrying the costs of delivering the DVDs 🙂

9 Reasons to Be My Affiliate!

Let me start by saying, I love taking care of my JV partners! Here's 9 reasons to signup now:


As a Technophobes affiliate, you will receive 50% of the revenue for every sale you get. And I pay ontime, everytime. I make this pretty easy because I’ve worked extremely hard to ensure the sales process and conversions for this product are rock solid. You send your people to my optin page and videos, we close them and make you money. NICE. Since we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, your first commission will be paid by bank transfer 45 days after your customers sign up.


I have created the most content rich, compelling, never before seen videos (over 60 mins) that your list will absolutely love and thank you for! These giveaways could sell for hundreds of ££ IF they were available someplace else. I am giving away three videos in the launch sequence: 1. An overview of my 8 Pillars of Internet Marketing Wisdom (12 mins), 2. A YouTube SEO Magic Trick (this blows most people away) (12 mins), 3. The 1st full pillar on Keyword Research (40 mins)


The demand for internet marketing knowledge from credible sources is greater than ever as more and more businesses are opening up to it’s potential and their need for a rock solid strategy to help them grow. One of my recent students increased her turnover by 1000% within 6 months of applying what I teach.


We are using a precise affiliate system on Infusionsoft to track and handle every aspect of the launch. Our backend is 100% rock solid so all you have to do is click "Send" on the email swipes we provide and enjoy watching the money come in.


After your optins enjoy carefully crafted video giveaways, they will enter a turn key sales funnel that will result in BIG COMMISSIONS for you in the following weeks.


The information in Technophobes will serve your list and customers, from those who are just starting or struggling to the already successful. You will change more lives than you can imagine when you share this information.


I am committed to under promising and over delivering mega value to your customers. In addition to receiving the full Technophobes Guide, your customers will also receive my Art of Blogging seminar for free (retails currently at £297)


Your success is our success. I want to send you some of the biggest commissions you’ve ever received, accurate and on time. My team and I are dedicated to provide you with all you need to be massively successful with this promotion.


I am dedicated to produce a whole range of high quality training that will serve your list even further in the future. We are planning advanced courses on PPC, SEO, Blogging and Video Marketing in the future to go deeper into the topics covered in this foundation course. If you have any questions, you can contact us here My goal is to help you serve your list and clients, make you a ton of money. Signup on this page. Thanks in advance for your support. Let's change some lives and make some money!







Mark Attwood, Founder – EIM Academy PS. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!

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