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The Technophobes Guide To Internet Marketing Success

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Here's What You'll Learn in This Video

I've helped thousands of small business owners increase their online presence, leads, sales and profits since I started teaching internet marketing in 2008.   In that time I have realised that there are still millions of business owners that still think it's too technical FACT: It isn't!   In this video I am going to reveal my "8 Pillars of Internet Marketing Wisdom" which shows how simple, cheap and effective internet marketing can be IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE PRICINCIPLES OF HOW IT ACTUALLY WORKS.

De-mystifying those principles is my mission.

The 8 Pillars of Internet Marketing Wisdom

Pillar 1: Effective Keyword Research
Pillar 2: SEO Website Structure
Pillar 3: Maximise Conversions Rates from the get-go
Pillar 4: Why WordPress is King
Pillar 5: Using Google Adwords as your Profit Laboratory
Pillar 6: Facebook and Autoresponders for List-Building Profits
Pillar 7: Using Videos to Make You Money
Pillar 8: How SEO Really Works

"Mark is the go-to guy for all things internet marketing. He's also one of the best teachers I've ever seen, making everything really easy to understand. Highly recommended."

Shaa Wasmund, Best selling business author and founder of Smarta.com

"I have worked with Mark, and continue to work with him on a range of online marketing projects, and was delighted to speak at one of his events. As far as i'm concerned, his search marketing expertise is unequalled."

Ben Hunt, Author of "Convert!" and "Save the Pixel"

"Following Mark's advice helped me increase my turnover by 1000%+ in just six months"

Ellie Kirby, Entrepreneur


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